Refund Policy

  • is a digital marketplace and the products are traded digitally over the internet. Your products will be sent to you via link to your email once the order has been placed successfully.

    The products offered by are non-tangible and irreversible, therefore we do not offer any refund once the order has been processed and sent to the registered email. As a buyer of, you are accountable to understanding this while purchasing any item from our website.

    However, we do understand that sometimes unpredictable situations can take place and therefore we consent to receive refund requests on the following reasons:

  • Failure to deliver the product:

    • You might not receive a delivery email from us due to some problem with your own mail server or your email provider. We urge you to contact us for assistance immediately if this happens. If we do not receive a claim to our Billing department in writing within 15 days of the processed order, we will consider the product to be received and functional.
    • Unable to open, download or unzip file:

      • Issues can happen while downloading or unzipping file. Please reach out to our Technical support department immediately. We will provide the necessary support needed so that your product can open successfully. If you would like to file a claim for a refund, please email the Technical Support Department within 3 days of purchase. If you fail to communicate to us within the given period, we will consider the product to be fully functional and may decline the claim for a refund.

      Major Bugs or Glitches:

      • uses a thorough and rigorous process to Quality Check a product before it is released. However, unforeseen errors may occur on rare occasions. If by some error we approve a product and you face a major issue in regards to this, please reach out to our Technical Support Team immediately. We reserve the right to resolve the issue or defect within 96 hours or 4 days from the day we received the initial complaint. If the bug or glitch highlighted by you is approved by us and we are unable to fix it within 96 hours of receiving the complaint, we will issue a full refund to the customer or exchange it with the same or similar value of the product at the customer's choice.

        Please note that our technicians might request temporary access to your server to resolve the problem with our product. If there is a delay to provide access in a timely manner, the solution could take more time then mentioned. If you reject to provide us with access to your server, it will disqualify you for a refund.

      Products are not as described:

      • Please be informed that such problems should be escalated to our “Technical Support Team” within 15 days of the purchased date along with proper evidence that the purchased product does not match the description placed on the website. We look at all complaints very seriously, however, sometimes customers have false expectations or desires which we cannot address. We intentionally provide sample products for your evaluation purposes so that you may make your decisions based on your assessments.