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Regular License FAQ

Will I be able to resell the stock template or any other product?

  • You are not allowed to resell the stock template or any other product unless you purchase the Extended license.

Am I allowed to customize the templates?

  • Yes, customize your template however you like without any limitations, but you can only use one customized template for one end user. You may not customize a single purchased item and modify it for multiple clients.

Do you provide assistance to modify template if needed?

  • We offer a complete 360-degree solution so that the customer can have the website of their dreams while simplifying the process of building and designing a website. There are costs attached to this service however. Please send us an email with your requirements at You can also follow our blogs and go through helpful tutorials to assist you in your process for free.

Am I eligible to resell the customized template as a template?

  • You are not allowed to modify a template and resell it as a template anywhere. You can only sell your modified template to your client on a project basis. Please note that you can only purchase and modify the purchased product once and resell it only once to your client.

Can I request to provide the template in higher resolution for printing purpose?

  • We can’t provide templates in higher size or resolution as the templates are solely optimized only for web resolution.

Can the logo be used in order to create a corporate identity?

  • Yes, usage of the logo is allowed which comes with a restriction to create a corporate identity for a single project or company. If you like to reuse the logo for another project, you have to purchase the template again.

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